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更多>>G5V-2 series2 Amp, DPDT Relay

更多>>G6L series1 Amp, SPST-NO, PCB and SMT Relay

更多>>G6A series1-2 Amp, DPDT Relay,Non-latching, single and dual coil latching models available.

更多>>G6S series3rd Generation, DPDT, PCB & SMT Relay, capacity:2A.

更多>>G6E series3 Amp, SPDT Relay Non-latching, single coil latching and dual coil latching versions available

更多>>G6J-Y series4th Generation, Slimline, DPDT SMT Relay.

更多>>G6Y series1.5GHz High Frequency SPDT Relay.

更多>>G6Z series2.6 GHz High Frequency SPDT Relay.

更多>>G5NB seriesMiniature Relay switching 3A @ 125VAC/30VDC and up to 10kV Impulse Withstand Voltage.

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